BMC Outreach

BMC strongly believes in having our properties benefit not only our residents, but also the surrounding community.  BMC, through its management affiliate, BLDG Management, has instituted many community outreach and sustainability initiatives.  Called "BLDG Gives Back", these initiatives motivate residents and employees to make their communities better which, in turn, creates long lasting value for the company, employees and residents alike.

Social Outreach

Through "BLDG Gives Back", BMC prides itself on improving the lives of its residents by providing a quality living experience that goes beyond the walls of each resident’s home.  BMC use its properties to host outreach initiatives that make an impact on the community.  These initiatives range anywhere from after school programs, job fairs, and educational seminars, to fundraising drives, and non-profit awareness. By taking these small but valuable steps towards improving one community at a time, these programs have even become a beneficial impact to local schools, non-profit organizations, small businesses and community groups.