BMC focuses on making investments which will produce strong risk-adjusted returns and structuring its transactions to mitigate the impact of sudden or gradual macroeconomic shifts. BMC invests under a set of disciplined acquisition parameters with an emphasis on identifying potential risks, achievable underwriting projections, and granular due diligence procedures.


BMC seeks to acquire Class B and C apartment properties which will benefit from BMC’s repositioning strategies.  BMC primarily targets workforce housing opportunities in suburban infill locations with 200 units or more. Targeted opportunities typically possess some or all of the following characteristics: strong submarket demographics, a lack of institutional competition, an aging competitive set and a limited pipeline of future deliveries. BMC employs a conservative underwriting approach, disciplined due diligence procedures, and a granular focus on mitigating potential risks. Targeted opportunities may have underperformed due to deferred maintenance, complacent management, or suboptimal market positioning.

BMC has proven its ability to successfully realize this potential value from its market-proven repositioning programs focused on upgrading the physical asset, reinvigorating management, and optimizing its marketing positioning.


BMC invests in retail opportunities in strong urban core and suburban arterial locations.  Targeted investments range from properties under long term lease offering stable cash flow characteristics to properties with value-add or repositioning potential.

Other Asset Classes

BMC also targets unique opportunities in various other asset classes, including hotel, office and medical office.  BMC has the network of partners and expertise to identify the highest and best use for a property and execute on a strategy in virtually any asset type.  BMC often seeks value, which others may overlook, through an intimate knowledge of local imbalances in supply and demand and then execute on a strategy to bring the vision to life.  BMC will acquire 100% ownership interest in assets as well as enter into joint ventures as the general partner.